Saturday, 9 July 2011

The PatriotCast 83 Lets Face it, Zelda Sucks*

*The Patriotcasts opinion does not reflect that of Toby Edwards

Zelda games...are they all the same, uniformly crap?  ENJOY THIS OLD GAME, NOW PORTABLE - IN 3D!!!!  (also applies to Snake Eater)

PSN Pass, middlemen taking a cut on "used games", waa! waa! we're owed free online forever!  Mummy bought this game for 20 dollars, you bloody owe me 3 hours a day of multiplayer action for YEARS Sony/EA/Insert Game Company Here!!!!!!!

Battlefield 3 "Squad Leader" spawn mechanism announced, good?  bad?  You'll find out inside Episode 83 of the PatriotCast!!!!

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