Saturday, 22 October 2011

Episode 96 All Corporations Are Pretty Much Evil

Episode 96 All Corporations Are Pretty Much Evil

We discuss why Sony Suite will be Awesome. Why Xbox 360 sells a lot while its a crappy console. - "its just cheaper, thats why everyone likes it" - Why Jordan is wrong all the time and why Steve Jobs was an evil corporative oligarch.

(Jordan)  Why Sony are a terrible company, without a SINGLE product I could recommend, why Sony Suite has taken YEARS to plop out, and STILL boasts a whopping *ten* games,  the full list of which can be seen here

WOW, I can play Kula World again?  RADICAL dude!

Why the Xbox 360 has several Playstation smashing features (and I say that as someone who cant stand Microsoft, or the Xbox, a unproud PS3 owner) - "better online gaming service, came out earlier, offers identical graphics (in the real world), grabbed most exclusive games from silly sony AND on top of this, it IS cheaper! -

Why I'm wrong less often than I'm right, and how Steve Jobs loved his job, worked tirelessly since the 1970's to found a company, all to achieve, and wildly succeed his dreams, while parasitical companies tried to "snatch and grab".

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