Sunday, 6 June 2010

Patriotcast - Episode 22

Welcome to your number 1 metal gear solid fan podcast. This week we are starting a series in which we talk about the development and change in the metal gear solid series. Starting from MGS1, we look at how mgs1 started life on the 3DO and its change throughout development. Before we get to that on the podcast, we have two guests, Calvin and Donnie. A lot of casual talk this show, and a major portion which i had to cut out (really off-topic, will be included in the outtakes show)

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MGS1 development links
(pre rendered graphics, more like a tech demo)
(more like the finished game, but certain elements like camera and music are different)
(original soundtrack, show at E3 97, the "signature" melody did not get used until mgs2)
(making of video, japanese)
(concept for a room)

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