Thursday, 24 June 2010

Patriotcast - Episode 33: Peace Walker Impressions with Jerry Terrifying Part 2

Jerry is back for the second part of our talk on Peace Walker, now that we both have completed the game, we discuss the prose and cons of the game. Along with the state of the Metal Gear story and universe.




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  1. I have a psp go, so I came home on June 8th and waited for 2 hours refreshing the damn store, until it finally showed up. After downloading the game to my PSP, I had played the Japanese Version on my hacked 2000 before. But being an obsessed fanboy of the series, I went out and bought it for my go. I have played a total of 52 hours on my copy, and have beaten all five chapters and the majority of the extra ops, I have almost all the items and weapons that I am dying for, just one more Combat level to being able to develope the bandanna. I heard most of you guys complaining about the controls, I personally never had any problems with the controls whatsoever, they came natural to me.