Tuesday, 25 January 2011

PatriotCast - Episode 63

Welcome PatriotCast fans to episode 63 of your no. 1 Metal Gear Solid fan podcast! This weeks episode is unfortunately incomplete, as you'll see when you listen to it. Due to a recording error that went unnoticed the last half hour of the podcast was not recorded. :( Don't despair however! We fully intend to re-record it next week and then release the next one as bumper edition. This weeks episode is slightly shorther than usual however but we do have a number of highlights, including a new co-host by the name of Ralph Cardwell and a (shorter than planned) discussion on the theme songs (read: the ones with words in them) of the franchise. We hope you enjoy the show and we apologise for the delay and shorter than usual episode, we'll make up for it next week! :) Be sure to tune in to this episode and also be sure to find us on Twitter (@mgspod), Facebook (type in "PatriotCast in the search bar and ignore any white supremecy groups) and on our forum (www.patriotcast.probards.com). Please rate us on iTunes and send any feedback to "mgspod@gmail.com".

Remember: Nothing in the world is absolute reality; most of what they call real is actually fiction.

1 comment:

  1. Great podcast guys. I have a topic suggestion how about u talk about the ending codec to the games and your impressions of them and another suggestion is a show about snake eater on the 3ds you guys expectations for it and what you think will be different. Also check your facebook page I linked a site talking about an hd mgs collection for the ps3. Great job guys keep up the good work.