Sunday, 30 January 2011

PatriotCast - Episode 64

Hello PatriotCast fans and welcome to the description for your number one Metal Gear Solid podcast that's made by the fans! This week's episode starts of with a lenghty discussion about the NGP/PSP2 and we conclusively prove that the world will end in 2012, as Jordan is actually positive about it. Shock horror! :) We also discuss another two theme songs (turns out this takes longer than we thought it would). :) This week's co-hosts were the Misters Soma Biro, Javier Bustamante, Matt Pistritto and Jordan Wyatt, in alphabetical order. Unfortunately due to time restraints in effect upon certain co-hosts this is not the bumper edition that was promised last week but it is none-the-less enjoyable and is the same length as a normal episode, so you're not losing out on anything. :) Oh, and a special shout-out to Ralph Cardwell who unfortunately couldn't join us this week because of technical difficulties with Skype. :( We hope you can make it next week Ralph. :) To all the rest of you out there, be sure to tune in to this episode and also be sure to find us on Twitter (@mgspod), Facebook (type in "PatriotCast in the search bar and ignore any white supremecy groups) and on our forum ( Please rate us on iTunes and send any feedback to "" and that should just about do it. :)

Remember: Nothing in the world is absolute reality; most of what they call real is actually fiction.

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