Saturday, 6 August 2011

Episode 87 Toby and Javier will kill Jordan

Further 3DS failure talk (guess who typed this...), PS Vita delayed EIGHT FURTHER MONTHS (according to a BestBuy Canada order leak) : is this "Sony looking out us, the poor consumer, Uncle Sony knows his nephews and nieces are suffering the recession....Uncy Sony is patiently waiting for unicorns and Happy Times before releasing this thing..." as Javier and Toby believe, or, in Jordans opinion, "its a colossal error that Only Sony (tm Jordan Wyatt) could pull off, their entire production line depending on women who become pregnant with each Vita, raise it to gestation inside their swelling belly, before having a C Section delivery, straight to your local....well..."Best Buy Canada"..."

In other words, Sony up to their usual incompetent tricks.

Find out on this episode of the Patriotcast, which may be the last episode of Alive Jordan (who'll live on through an AI)

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