Saturday, 20 August 2011

Episode 90 Sony: "why would you want HD video in 2012?"

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HP kills Palm, currently the worlds largest PC seller seriously trying to sell their PC business, money quote:

“Consumers are changing the use of their PC,” HP CEO Leo Apotheker said. “The tablet effect is real and sales of the TouchPad are not meeting our expectations. The velocity of change in the personal device marketplace continues to increase as the competitive landscape is growing increasingly more complex especially around the personal computing arena,” he continued. He then repeated, “the tablet effect is real”.

Apple continues to dominate the world.

Playstation Vita, Sony's desperate attempt to make a decent product : it cant record HD video, you know, like every iPod Touch, iPhone, Android smartphone... nice one Sony, because VGA video in 2011...sorry, its delayed till *2012*, thats gonna look realllllll good on YouTube and our beautiful *Samsung* televisions....

We continue to define "hardcore"

The iPad: the most fun you can have in bed.

Your Video games podcast!

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