Saturday, 27 August 2011

Episode 91 Steve Jobs : The Greatest American Of All Time

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Steve Jobs resigns, due to a) he's gravely ill, deathly thin and about to die soon or b) like Perfect Cell, he's decided the Z Fighters are unworthy of his time, so he's decided to kick back, spit out a few Cell Jr's from his stinger/sucker thing, and watch as each Steve Jr effortlessly destroys HP, Dell, Samsung, HTC, Motorola....

Which do YOU believe?

RAZR Gaming Laptop, 3DS sales - was a 3D orientated console a bad idea?, and the shocking revelation that SOME people think your children should suffer through pens on paper at school, which Jordan thinks is frankly Un-New Zealand-ican, iPads for all! (and knockoff tablets, Apple laptops, further knockoff laptops too) 

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